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Efim Fradkin Centennial Conference

Will be held from September, 02 to September, 06, 2024 at the Lebedev Physics Institute in Moscow, Russia.

Efim Fradkin has made significant contributions to many areas of theoretical physics, including quantum electrodynamics, conformal field theory, supergravity, general quantization methods, higher-spin field theories, string theory, and strong-field effects. These achievements were widely recognized: Fradkin received a number of national and international scientific awards, including the Tamm Prize of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1980), the Sakharov Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1996), and the Dirac Gold Medal of the International Center for Theoretical Physics (1988).

For more than half a century, Fradkin’s life was inseparable from the Tamm Theory Department, Lebedev Physics Institute. Here he headed the laboratory of Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Statistics for more than 30 years and trained many talented students who became prominent theoretical physicists, making up Fradkin's school of theoretical physics.

The Conference will cover a variety of subjects:

  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Superstrings, Higher-Spin Theory and AdS/CFT
  • High-Energy Physics
  • Quantum Gravity and Cosmology

Advisory Committee

I. Arefeva (Steklov Inst., Moscow)  
I. Batalin (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)  
A. Belavin (Landau Inst., Chernogolovka)  
E. Boos (SINP, Moscow)  
I. Buchbinder (JINR, Dubna)  
M. Danilov (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)  
D. Galtsov (Moscow State Univ.)  
D. Gorbunov (Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)  
А. Grib (Herzen Univ., St. Petersburg)  
E. Ivanov (JINR, Dubna)  
R. Kallosh (Stanford Univ., USA)  
D. Kazakov (JINR, Dubna)  
N. Kolachevsky (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)  
A. Linde (Stanford Univ., USA)  
A. Nikishov (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)  
V. Novikov (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)  
H. Pérez Rojas (ICIMAF, Cuba)  
V. Ritus (Lebedev Inst., Moscow)  
A. Starobinsky (Landau Inst., Chernogolovka)  
I. Tkachev (Inst. for Nuclear Research, Moscow)  
A. Vainshtein (Univ. of Minnesota, USA)  

Local Organizing Committee

M. Vasiliev - chairman,  
K. Alkalaev - vice-chairman,  
A. Barvinsky,   I. Dremin,   D. Gitman,   S. Godunov,   O. Ivanov,   A. Kolobov,   A. Kurov,   A. Leonidov,   O. Loiko,   R. Metsaev,   N. Misuna,   D. Nesterov,   A. Semikhatov,   A. Shabad,   A. Tseytlin,   B. Voronov,   M. Vysotsky,   V. Zaikin  


ESF 2024 Organizing Committee,
Lebedev Physical Institute,
53 Leninsky Prospect, Moscow, 119991 Russia

e-mail: esf2024@lpi.ru
web site: http://esf.lpi.ru

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Conference in Moscow.

With Best Regards,
ESF 2024 Organizing Committee

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